Monday, November 5, 2012

The sun has got it's hat on hip hip hooray

Two days of bright sunshine but oh those winds.
Is it just me or do we have more weather now or am I just noticing it more.
Living on a small island like New Zealand's North Island you do of course expect it, after all we are surrounded by a lot of water.
The prevailing wind here in Auckland is the South Westerly which flings itself at you for most of the year all the way from Ossie, only when it reaches us it is robust and cold and usually comes with a lot of the wet stuff - We get on average 1240 mm per year!
This has been an extremely windy year to date and has certainly limited fishing and sailing trips to the extent where you wonder if you will ever get out again
Nature of course just gets on with it and everything is bursting with life and colour in the garden although the blossom has struggled to stay on the plum tree so a small crop is in the offing.
Into November now so here's hoping everything is crossed xxxxxxxxxxxxxx!