Friday, March 2, 2018

March already...!!!

It’s been almost one year since I last blogged, no excuses really, more a case of laziness,
I believe the reason I haven’t been more diligent is that for my sins I’m an avid Facebooker, and in some ways I guess it’s a form of instant blogging...the lazy mans answer where all threads lie in your hand in the shape of a mobile phone.
The attached photos are from last weekend when I and my friends Jenny and Ian travelled to the far north of New Zealand. They have been walking the Te Araroa Trail, a track that runs the length of the North and South Islands, in small chunks. The task this time was Ninety Mile Beach, although not really ninety miles is still a challenging 88 kilometres!

The Sand Dunes at Te Paki Creek

The intrepid walkers and yours truely 

Jenny, Ian and Paul


  1. Yes, it's March already, and that's a bit scary - where the hell does the time go?

    Great photos Paul. I would love to do the Te Araroa trail but my knee in need of a knee replacement and my arthritic ankle joint rules that out - BUT, I wonder if it is possible to do the trail by bicycle? I would be a starter for that!!

    1. My feelings pretty much parallel yours Alden, while I enjoy a walk a gammy knee is not conducive to long distances. I agree with you regards the bike, however all the cycle trails seem to run East/West! You can of course follow the roads but the traffic would be untenable in my view.
      My wife and I plus my walking friends will be up again soon, but this time riding the Twin Coast Trail from Opua to Horeke on the Hokianga Harbour.