Sunday, January 1, 2017

Mahurangi Regatta

The scene on the beach at last years regatta. My Whiting 16 can be seen just launching at back right.
The regatta takes place every Auckland Aniversery Weekend which falls on the last weekend of the month of January.
I commend either participation of just turn up and watch the fun.


  1. Paul, I have never been to one of these, so I shall consult with the first mate and perhaps travel down for a look.

    1. The Zephyr would definitely qualify, there are always lots of Frosbites so you would have company! The main thing is the vast array of all types of craft from pram dinghies to the majestic Logan' try and get down.

  2. Paul I have looked at a lot of information online about the regatta but it is not clear to me about parking and launching at Sullivans Bay - is there public parking and beach access or do you have to go to the camping ground?

    Also if there are strong easterlies and the start is up river by Scotts landing at Mahurangi East - where do people launch their small yachts? the road, parking and access looks very restricted.

    Hope you can give me some information about all of this - Alden