Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Ships that pass........

I was out on the Manukau Harbour last Saturday to watch some of the Hartley 16 National Champs up at Onehunga. A beautiful day, for a change, with bright sun and light breezes. On my way back to French Bay I chanced apon Grant May in his Welsford Truant, and of course had to have a chat and take the inevitable photo..


  1. Truant, Scamp and the pram dinghy Tender Behind are the Wellsford designs I like the best. I like this rig on the Truant which is pretty much what I will put on my own sailing dinghy when I get the time.

  2. This was a particularly well setting example, however I can't remember the maker although we did discuss the merits or four sided sails! I'd not seen a Truant in the flesh before, but she certainly looks like a very handy craft for all eventualities.